Brca – An exclusive group

Hi, I’m Abbie. I tested positive in 2014, aged 24, for the Brca1 gene mutation which I inherited from my mum. This blog aims to raise awareness and share mine and my mums journey as we try to reduce our risk. Everything from surgery, hospital checks, boobs, healthy living and loving life ❤ which at the moment is the most important thing..


For those of you that don’t know, Brca 1 carriers have an elevated risk of developing female cancers. We have up to an 85% risk of getting breast cancer (compared to the nations average of 1 in 8) as well as an elevated risk of ovarian, colon, pancreatic and melanomas.

So with that serious bit out the way, let’s be positive! I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while, so I’ve finally sat down to figure it out. After a year of accepting my results, I’m starting to take action and make decisions.

Since the summer I have met so many amazing new people who have been so supportive and interested in my journey. I’ve also joined a Brca support group that me and my mum go to once a month to have a cuppa with other Brca carriers. I think of it as being part of an exclusive group, with only a few members, but we share one unique thing in common and know exactly how one another feels. If any Brca carriers are wanting to meet others, have a search on Facebook. We know there are groups in other cities. If not, set one up! Find a space, make flyers and spread the word.

My mum and I have high hopes for this year and defeating our bad genetics! We aim to raise awareness, do our bit for Brca research, give to a charity and maybe throw a boob bash along the way.


And here’s to my mum and her amazing new boobs! I am so  proud of her and how far she has come in the last 3 months. My next blog ‘new year, new boobs’ will follow her progress as she starts back to work after her reconstruction surgery. Believe it or not she can’t wait to go back as boredom has taken over.

For those of you who would like to learn more and be part of our journey, follow this blog ‘brca1boobs’ which I will also be sharing on facebook.

Thanks for reading x

One thought on “Brca – An exclusive group

  1. Hi Abbie x My name is jane plumb I used to work with your mum at marks spencer, she is such a lovely lady, outgoing and always full of fun x the blog was such a lovely read x I wish yourself and your lovely mum all the luck in the world x I take my hat off to two lovely brave ladies x keep up your blog x take care jane x love to your mum x x x


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