Free the nipple…

Mum has nipples. It’s big news so I have to get that out the way. After an exciting visit to the plastic surgeon, trying various sizes/colours, mum walked out with a fab pair of new prosthetic nipples which look unreal! She can wear them as and when she pleases and applies them with a skin friendly adhesive. For now, they are a fabulous alternative to the nipple reconstruction surgery with 3D tattooing to finish, and have given mum ‘a focal point to her new breasts’. I now feel mum is campaigning for the Free The Nipple movement as she reveals them that often… making me wonder if mums prosthetic nipples would not be frowned upon, or if a public photo of Shells nips would still cause nipple uproar.

The Tate

It has undoubtedly been a tough year for me and mum which is not over yet. Shell has met a number of Brca1 mutation carriers over the past few months who have been mid twenties and suffering with breast cancer or recently in remission. Every time I hear of these meetings I am reminded of my risk and how unpredictable my genetic mutation is. I feel as though everything around me is telling me that I need to have my preventative surgery, and quick. Being naïve, and thinking I’m too young to receive such horrific news is not going to alter my outcome, and therefore after an appointment with my breast surgeon last week I am back on track planning my surgery.

The way that I am feeling right now if I could have my breasts off tomorrow I would, but it isn’t that simple. I am going ahead with a nipple sparing implant reconstruction, along with a reduction at the same time and possibly trying out a synthetic fibre called ‘Braxon tissue matrix’, which supports the new implant under the skin. By opting to have nipple sparing (keeping my nipple) I understand that there is an elevated risk but feel like this is a small enough percentage for me to feel happier in the long run. This could be making my surgery more complex as my nipple will be removed, excess skin will be taken to reduce the breast, and then my nipple re-positioned 🙂 fabulous. Surgery can take place April 2018 after my sisters wedding in Australia in March, as my surgeon was apprehensive about operating on me in the new year prior to my trip.

I have begun to be less attached to my natural 32E chest, and am already looking forward to having new, smaller, less risky boobs. I envy the other Brca women who have been braver to have their surgery sooner than I have, but at least I am finally in the right frame of mind to proceed. After supporting a close friend of mine, and watching her lose her battle with cancer recently, I am going to do everything I can to overcome my genetics and fight the odds and statistics that are against me. Along the way I aim to raise awareness as much as possible, fundraise for further research and continue to stick by my fellow Brca ladies on their journeys.


Until then, I want to give these biological bangers a good send off. I’m feeling inspired to embrace them and let them see as much of the world as possible, like lastnight for example. So if you’re wondering about all the low cut boobs pics, that’s the reason 🙂

Thanks for reading, any questions or queries about anything Brca1 related don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love x



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